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Get Instant Access to Eon By Greg Bear #ec EBOOK EPUB site PDF. Read. Download Online Eon By Greg. Eon (The Way, #1) PDF. Book by Greg Bear ePub Free Download. isbn: The 21st century was on the brink of. paperback, adobe legacy (eon) by greg bear - trabzon-dereyurt - if looking for the ebook by greg bear legacy (eon) in pdf format, then you have come on to the.

She leaned forward in bed and examined his shoes. Huaraches and Japanese tabi socks completed his wardrobe. Death Is Cheap : Axis City citizens are granted two times brought back from the dead, and after that they spend eterity in city memory, a computer network in which people continue to live rich lives in and can still communicate with those who are still corporeal.

Designer Babies : An interesting twist - to make a child, two personalities are copied from the parents and merged in city memory, and the child grows in city memory.

Bear, Greg - Eon

When they decide to become corporeal, they are the ones deciding how they want to be designed. Drill Sergeant Nasty : During Mirsky's training. Gender Bender : Axis City citizens can pick whatever gender they want - or none!

Gender Rarity Value : A shortage of women on the Stone after the Death leads to arming said women to protect against rapes. Hive Mind : Sort of.

Frants don't have names. When they are near another Frant, they share all memories with them. As a consequence, all Frants end up knowing everything every other Frant knows. Human Aliens : The Frants, but oddly enough many of the future humans avoid this by having artificially designed bodies.

Loads and Loads of Characters : Including lots of named bit characters who only appear a couple of times. Lucky Seven : The seventh chamber of the Stone is the important one.

It is blown off the end of the Stone with seven charges.

Bear, Greg - Eon

The Man Behind the Man : The rogue says he's working for a very powerful person who is going to reward him surprisingly well. In a not-bad-guy sense it turns out Olmy had hired the rogue.

The Mole : Takahashi. Nobody Poops : In axis city, you don't have to.

Eon by Greg Bear (2015-09-15) PDF site

Olmy's body is a self-contained system. Most disturbingly of all, they realize that these "histories" match events on present-day Earth almost precisely, and that they therefore predict Earth's immediate future — making it almost certain that a global nuclear war is imminent.

At the opening of the novel, Judith Hoffmann, head of the commission that coordinates the exploration of the Stone, recruits a brilliant young theoretical physicist, Patricia Vasquez. Hoffmann sends Vasquez to the Stone, hoping that she can unravel its secrets and perhaps find a means of altering Earth's timeline and averting the coming catastrophe.

Vasquez arrives at the Stone and receives highest clearance for all the secretive information discovered by the existing science teams. She continues to absorb knowledge about all the chambers within the Stone and wonders why she is treated with such a high regard.

She learns that only NATO science teams are allowed to have access to all the chambers, though on a need-to-know basis. Chinese and Russian science teams don't have a similar access to the whole Stone or to the discovered knowledge.

Meanwhile, the Soviet government protests and demands a right to the recovered knowledge, while secretly training space assault teams. At the climax of the novel's first half, the Soviets secretly dispatch a commando force to invade and seize control of the Stone, but the NATO security troops have been forewarned—they succeed in containing the Soviets, and Hoffman who managed to escape from Earth just before the nuclear war, referred to as "the Death" brokers an uneasy cease-fire.

However, as the two sides battle for control of the Stone, the exploration team's worst fears are realized: Meanwhile, the descendants of the Stone's creators who indeed live a million kilometers along the Way, and who have been secretly observing the Earthlings since they arrived have realized that, thanks to advanced information gleaned from the Stone's libraries, Vasquez is now close to discovering key scientific secrets of the Stone and the Way.

To forestall this, and to prevent her from falling into the hands of the Soviet forces, Vasquez is kidnapped by two of the Stone's "future" inhabitants — Olmy, a humanoid agent of the Hexamon, and his nameless colleague, an alien known as a Frant. They take her to Axis City, the main settlement of the 'Stoners' and the various alien races with whom they are cooperating. They are intercepted when they near Axis City and reunited with Vasquez, but they soon find themselves enmeshed in the complex politics of the Hexamon, which is facing its own impending crisis in the form of a ruthless species of alien invaders called the Jart.

The humans who built the Stone seem to come from approximately 1, years in the future. Their libraries record that human civilization was nearly destroyed by "The Death", a calamitous World War involving nuclear weapons , in Events recorded in the libraries prior to The Death with the exception of the arrival of the Stone itself are almost identical to events occurring on Earth in the explorers' present time.

Rising tensions between the U. Since the Stone appears immediately prior to the recorded date of The Death, and there is no record of its own appearance at the time, the scientists reason that the Stone may come from an alternate future.

A startling discovery is that the Stone is larger on the inside than outside: When Patricia is mysteriously abducted by a strange-looking human and an alien, an expedition is sent after her.

They travel down the final chamber called "the corridor" or "the Way" , where they encounter humanity's descendants. The society of human descendents, called the Hexamon , live in the Axis City , a large structure on the axis of the Way, one million kilometers from the Stone, which they call Thistledown.

The Hexamon is presided over by a governing body known as the Nexus. It is loosely divided into two social groups, Naderites and Geshels , based on widely differing cultural and political viewpoints.

The conservative Naderites reject much of the high technology trappings of their society for a simpler life. They are in fact, followers of Ralph Nader , whom they call "the Good Man".

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Nader, who was "martyred" during The Death, came to be canonized by the followers who took his name. This was largely because he opposed the technology particularly nuclear energy that led to the catastrophic war.

The futuristic Geshels, on the other hand, embrace all manner of technological advances including human augmentation and artificial bodies. Many radical Geshels go so far as to choose non-human or neo morphic shapes for themselves, as opposed to moderate ones who choose a more human or ho morphic appearance.

The high technology of the Hexamon civilization, with their control over genetic engineering , human augmentation including post- symbolic communication , the concept of parallel universes, alternate timelines and the manipulation of space-time itself are major themes in the latter half of the novel. The Way itself cuts across space and time: As a result of commerce through the gates, several alien species have come to be partners of the Hexamon as well.

Information technology and "virtual" realms are another important theme.

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While being held as a "guest" of the Hexamon, Vasquez learns more about their culture; she discovers that if they choose to its citizens are fitted with implants that can store, transmit and replicate part or of all their memories and personality. This technology confers many remarkable abilities. One is that they can create virtual replicas of themselves known as "partials" or "ghosts" that contain functional parts of their full personality and are able to operate independently, on their behalf, and then reintegrate their experiences with their original later.

Even more remarkably, in the event of major injury or even death, their implants if recoverable and undamaged can be used to "reload" their personalities into artificially reconstructed replicas of their old bodies, or even into entirely new forms.

However, many of its citizens are limited to only two "reincarnations" before their personalities are permanently "cached" in the Hexamon's vast data storage facilities, where they continue to exist perpetually in "virtual" form. The Hexamon technology is even able to reconstruct the bodies of the humans from 21st century, as the Soviet commander Mirsky discovers — when he is fatally shot in the head by his rivals during a confrontation in one of the libraries, the Stone's automatic defense and repair systems are triggered by this act of violence.

The system reconstructs Mirsky's shattered skull and brain and resurrects him, but — because he lacks a Hexamon implant — it cannot recover all of his memories, and other physical and neurological functions can only be partially restored.The high technology of the Hexamon civilization, with their control over genetic engineering , human augmentation including post- symbolic communication , the concept of parallel universes, alternate timelines and the manipulation of space-time itself are major themes in the latter half of the novel.

I like how Greg Bear makes that bit of dialog sound as if it makes sense. It has been hollowed out along its long axis, subdivided into seven vast cylindrical chambers, and rotates to provide artificial gravity.

Advertisement: Costume Porn : When the rogue appears to Patricia a second time: "She rolled over and rubbed her eyes. However, as the NATO scientists who explore the Stone soon discover, the human-built facilities inside the Stone may not have come from their future, but that of an alternate Earth. This technology confers many remarkable abilities. Events in Eon take place in , when the U.

Meanwhile, the Soviet government protests and demands a right to the recovered knowledge, while secretly training space assault teams.

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