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Blum masterfully presents the latest scientific information and gives patients practical, natural, and safe ways to help the immune system heal.

My autoimmune disease is gone and I'm 37 pounds lighter in my pleather. Most of us have heard of gluten—a protein found in wheat that causes widespread inflammation in the body. I am on the my 3rd day at the 30 mg.

Can gluten cause symptoms not related to digestion? Those who attended the satsangs in his home received visions of Dada as Krishna. Many experienced trance and visions, seeing the Golden Age, Radha, Krishna and other deities. One day, a most extraordinary thing happened. Pulled into a state of intense meditation, he felt someone entering him. It was a great power, a great light. The room vibrated with energy.

Taking over his physical senses, the Being started to speak. I am Siva.

I am the Knowledgeful Self-I am Siva. I am the Luminous Self-I am Siva. Leaving business, discarding social and religious traditions, Dada surrendered himself to God's work. Incorporeal Siva gave him the name "Prajapita Brahma," father of humanity.

Through him God imparted the knowledge that would give divine rebirth to all people.

Many were attracted, especially women. One of God's teachings stated that through the moral upliftment of the woman the world would automatically gain upliftment. So the spiritual role of the woman as teacher and guide was practiced from the very beginning. Brahma Baba formed a trust of eight women and surrendered his entire property to this committee that it might be used for the spiritual service of uplifting humanity.

The strict rules of conduct, deep philosophical teachings and mystical mission set forth by Baba have been carefully maintained by successors and present-day leaders, faithfully preserving the magic and power of Baba's direct experience of God. Dadi Prakashmani: Rajayoga meditation taught by the Brahma Kumaris is simple and practical. It does not involve physical posture, breathing exercises, chanting or devotion to any human guru. This Rajayoga meditation is done with the eyes open and, with practice, one can be able to meditate anywhere, anytime.

The meditation begins with learning to focus our thoughts. It is important that the thoughts we contemplate are only positive ones.

Conquering RAS

With this in mind, the topics covered in a course of Rajayoga are: the nature of the human soul, God and the relationship between the two. This helps to focus the mind at the highest level and one is able to communicate with the Supreme Being.

This communication is known as "Rajayoga Meditation," which helps the individual to develop positive thinking, willpower and harmony between mind and body and nature. The law of karma and how it applies to our life is another subject that is explored.

HT: How do you manage this worldwide institution? Dadi: My experience and faith are that this institution is founded and being run to carry out the divine will of the Supreme Being.

I am just an instrument in His hand to work. They feel that this institution is a spiritual university and also a divine family. The focus of its teachings is on spiritual, moral and human values. The students, after gaining personal benefit, associate themselves to impart this spiritual education to others.

They voluntarily contribute physical, mental and monetary support for the greater well being of the society. We do not collect or accept any donation from any governments, organizations or individuals who are not beneficiaries of this education.

Why is this? Can a "brother" also become the chief? Dadi: The corporeal founding father of this worldwide organization is Pitashrik Brahma, who was a male. He believed that women have certain special qualities like kind-heartedness, the spirit of service and sacrifice, tolerance, etc. In India, you are aware women are worshiped as Saraswati-symbol of power. In view of this fact, the founding Father of this institution considered women as guardians of values and suitable instruments for imparting value education and transformation of the society.

I never feel that I am the leader, but the Supreme Father, Supreme God Himself is the leader and that everyone can lead. This is my faith in each one, this is how I trust each one. Let the soul be in command of the senses of this physical instrument.

See all others with love as your brothers and sisters. See only the shining star, the pure soul in the center of the forehead. Let the mind go beyond humans and prophets to the Supreme, the source of light and might. Remember the Home of all souls, the Silent World of Light, and prepare to return there. Be aware that every action has an equal reaction that returns to the self; let each action be one that gives only happiness.

Purity is the soul's birthright.

Let thoughts, words and actions be filled with this. Begin each day in silence, so that the influence of God is felt throughout the day. Let the "third eye" constantly remain open so that each moment is guided by wisdom. Keep your own perfect image as the goal. Within this is the harmony of the masculine and feminine energies, the authority of the male, the gentle virtues of the female.

Residing here is the Supreme Soul, or God, also in the form of a point of light, infintesimal in size but unlimited in qualities. They meditate thus, "I am peaceful, calm energy. Autopsy studies from people who died in car accidents have shown that about 40 percent of women between the ages of 40 and 50 actually have microscopic cancers in their breasts.

About 50 percent of men in their 50s and 60s have microscopic prostate cancers, and virtually percent of us, by the time we reach our 70s, will have microscopic cancers growing in our thyroid.

Yet, without a blood supply, most of these cancers will never become dangerous. Judah Folkman, who was my mentor and who was the pioneer of the angiogenesis field, once called this "cancer without disease.

And this turns out to be one of our most important defense mechanisms against cancer. In fact, if you actually block angiogenesis and prevent blood vessels from ever reaching cancer cells, tumors simply can't grow up.

But once angiogenesis occurs, cancers can grow exponentially. And this is actually how a cancer goes from being harmless, to being deadly. Cancer cells mutate, and they gain the ability to release lots of those angiogenic factors, natural fertilizer, that tip the balance in favor of blood vessels invading the cancer. And once those vessels invade the cancer, it can expand, it can invade local tissues, and the same vessels that are feeding tumors allow cancer cells to exit into the circulation as metastases.

And unfortunately, this late stage of cancer is the one at which it's most likely to be diagnosed, when angiogenesis is already turned on, and cancer cells are growing like wild. So, if angiogenesis is a tipping point between a harmless cancer and a harmful one, then one major part of the angiogenesis revolution is a new approach to treating cancer by cutting off the blood supply.

We call this antiangiogenic therapy, and it's completely different from chemotherapy, because it selectively aims at the blood vessels that are feeding the cancers. We can do this because tumor blood vessels are unlike normal, healthy vessels we see in other places of the body — they're abnormal, they're very poorly constructed, and because of that, they're highly vulnerable to treatments that target them. In effect, when we give cancer patients antiangiogenic therapy — here, an experimental drug for a glioma, which is a type of brain tumor — you can see that there are dramatic changes that occur when the tumor is being starved.

Here's a woman with a breast cancer, being treated with the antiangiogenic drug called Avastin, which is FDA approved.

And you can see that the halo of blood flow disappears after treatment. Well, I've just shown you two very different types of cancer that both responded to antiangiogenic therapy. So a few years ago, I asked myself, "Can we take this one step further and treat other cancers, even in other species? It invaded into his lungs. His veterinarian only gave him three months to live.

So we created a cocktail of antiangiogenic drugs that could be mixed into his dog food, as well as an antiangiogenic cream, that could be applied on the surface of the tumor.

And we've subsequently treated more than dogs. We have about a 60 percent response rate, and improved survival for these pets that were about to be euthanized. So let me show you a couple of even more interesting examples. This is year-old dolphin living in Florida, and she had these lesions in her mouth that, over the course of three years, developed into invasive squamous cell cancers. So we created an antiangiogenic paste.

We had it painted on top of the cancer three times a week.


And over the course of seven months, the cancers completely disappeared, and the biopsies came back as normal. Here's a cancer growing on the lip of a Quarter Horse named Guinness. It's a very, very deadly type of cancer called an angiosarcoma.

It had already spread to his lymph nodes, so we used an antiangiogenic skin cream for the lip, and the oral cocktail, so we could treat from the inside as well as the outside.

ISBN 13: 9780989469678

And over the course of six months, he experienced a complete remission. And here he is six years later, Guinness, with his very happy owner. Applause Now obviously, antiangiogenic therapy could be used for a wide range of cancers. And in fact, the first pioneering treatments for people as well as dogs, are already becoming available. There are 12 different drugs, 11 different cancer types.

But the real question is: How well do these work in practice? So here's actually the patient survival data from eight different types of cancer. The bars represent survival time taken from the era in which there was only chemotherapy, or surgery, or radiation available.

But starting in , when antiangiogenic therapies first became available, you can see that there has been a 70 to percent improvement in survival for people with kidney cancer, multiple myeloma, colorectal cancer, and gastrointestinal stromal tumors. That's impressive. But for other tumors and cancer types, the improvements have only been modest.

So I started asking myself, "Why haven't we been able to do better?

And as a doctor, I know that once a disease progresses to an advanced stage, achieving a cure can be difficult, if not impossible. So I went back to the biology of angiogenesis, and started thinking: Could the answer to cancer be preventing angiogenesis, beating cancer at its own game, so the cancers could never become dangerous?

This could help healthy people, as well as people who've already beaten cancer once or twice, and want to find a way to keep it from coming back. So to look for a way to prevent angiogenesis in cancer, I went back to look at cancer's causes. And what really intrigued me, was when I saw that diet accounts for 30 to 35 percent of environmentally-caused cancers.

Conquering Any Disease (Book)

Now the obvious thing is to think about what we could remove from our diet, what to strip out, take away. But I actually took a completely opposite approach, and began asking: What could we be adding to our diet that's naturally antiangiogenic, and that could boost the body's defense system, and beat back those blood vessels that are feeding cancers?

In other words, can we eat to starve cancer?

Laughter Well, the answer is yes, and I'm going to show you how. And our search for this has taken us to the market, the farm and to the spice cabinet, because what we've discovered is that Mother Nature has laced a large number of foods and beverages and herbs with naturally-occurring inhibitors of angiogenesis.As I write this, addressing that change has become the breakthrough thrust of cancer research and cancer treatment. Does this mean that SSRIs are interacting with gastrointestinal function?

The antibiotic Zyvox—a blockbuster that none of the three groups could have envisioned or executed on its own. Individual operating units had little or no incentive for sharing information or cooperating with one another to win business. Intimidated by power dynamics, constrained by formality and mistrust, they spoke their lines woodenly, without committing to the plan. In the following days he yearned for silence and solitude. It does not involve physical posture, breathing exercises, chanting or devotion to any human guru.

We can do this because tumor blood vessels are unlike normal, healthy vessels we see in other places of the body — they're abnormal, they're very poorly constructed, and because of that, they're highly vulnerable to treatments that target them.

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