Occupational Safety and Health (Use and Standard of Exposure Chemical Hazardous to Health) Regulations (USECHH Regulations) was made to provide. Labelling and relabelling. Every employer must ensure that all hazardous chemicals supplied or downloadd are properly labelled and all containers in use at the. Ex osure of Chemicals Hazardous to Health) Regulations (2) These Regulations shall come into o eration on 4 A ril Regulation 2. Interpretation .

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USECHH Regulations Mohd Norhisyam bin O Chemical Management Division. SCOPE. • DOSH Introduction & Legal framework. USECHH - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. (3) If an employee is exposed or likely to be exposed to chemicals hazardous to health listed in Schedule II, the health surveillance required under subregulation .

Carbon tetrachloride 6. Dianisidine 7.

Dichlorobenzidine 8. Disulphur dichloride 9. Hexavalent chromium compound [Cr VI ] Lead Mercury Nitro or amino derivatives of phenol and of benzene or its homologues Organophosphate Orthotholidine Pitch Potassium or sodium chromate or dichromate Notwithstanding subregulation 1 , the exposure of any person to any chemical hazardous to health listed in Schedule I shall not exceed the maximum exposure limit for that chemical during the work shift.

The period referred to in subregulation 1 shall be averaged with the exposure level of the airborne concentration during the period when respirators are not worn to determine the employees daily time-weighted average exposure. For the purpose of this regulation degree of protection means the ratio of the airborne concentration of the contaminant outside the respirator to the concentration of contaminant inside the face piece of the respirator.

The assessment mentioned in subregulation 1 shall sontain the following; a the potential risk to an employee as a result of exposure to chemicals hazardous to health; the method and procedure adopted in the use of the chemicals hazardous to health; the nature of the hazard to health; the degree of exposure to such chemicals hazardous to health; the risk to health created by the use and the release of chemicals from work processes: 2 c d e f g measures and procedures required to control the exposure of any employee to chemicals hazardous to health; the measures, procedures, and equipment necessary to control any accidental emission of a chemical hazardous to health as a result of leakage, spillage, or process or equipment failure; the necessity for employee exposure monitoring programme; the necessity for health surveillance programme; and the requirement for the training of employees as required under regulation Review assessment The assessment carried out under regulation 9 shall be reviewed if a there has been a significant change in the work to which the assessment relates; more than five years have elapsed since the last assessment; or directed by the Director General, Deputy Director General or the Director of Occupational Safety and Health.

The employer shall ensure that any assessment carried out pursuant to this Part is conducted by an assessor.

Assessment of risk to health report If the assessment carried out under subregulation 1 indicates that a place of work, plant, substance or process is likely to cause immediate danger to life or property, the person carrying out the assessment shall immediately inform the employer about the danger. The employer shall make available the assessment report for examination upon request by the Director General or by any employee exposed or likely to be exposed to chemicals hazardous to health.

The employer shall ensure that all control measures implemented under subregulation 1 reduce the exposure level of employees to chemicals hazardous to health to the lowest practicable level, or for those chemicals to which have been assigned with permissible exposure limits, to below the limits. The employer shall ensure that all safe work system and practices are documented and implemented.Industrial Health.

Eight-hour time-weighted average 7. A procedure Review covering chemical handling may include update of material The driving force for continual improvement comes from safety data sheets MSDS.

Checked 20 July The employees must be trained on management system has worked, how well objectives have relevant Personal Protective Equipment PPE Management been met and what changes are needed. The companies have to keep objective evidence of the management systems.

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