PDF | On Oct 29, , Indranil Saha and others published Textbook of Preventive and Social Medicine. K. Park, Park's Textbook of preventive and social medicine. 23 Pages The glass castle: a memoir. Guidelines for Preventive and. Social Medicine/Community. Medicine/Community Health. Curriculum in the Undergraduate. Medical Education. SEA-HSD

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Preventive and Social Medicine. (Including Biostatistics). (Thoroughly revised and updated edition including latest exam pattern questions). Vivek Jain. K. Park-Park's Textbook of Preventive and Social Medicine-Banarsidas Bhanot ( ) (1) - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online . Preventive & Social Medicine. Welcome to Healthy Communities, Healthy Lives where our aim is to share the world-class research and teaching happening in.

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Several books by different Indian authors are now available in the market to choose from. One such book is the latest edition of the Textbook of Community Medicine authored by Drs. Sunder Lal, Adarsh and Pankaj. It is divided into two parts — Part 1 covers basic sciences related to the discipline of Community Medicine — application of social and behavioral sciences, health policy, demography applied nutrition, environmental health etc.

This distribution largely matches the distribution of topics covered in Papers 1 and 2 of University examination in Community Medicine. A much-appreciated point is the unified approach adopted by the authors, whereby the policies and national programs are integrated with relevant topics to avoid fragmentation and increasing holistic understanding and learning of the topic.

Principal author — Dr.

A recipient of various awards including the prestigious Amrut Mody Unichem Prize Indian Council of Medical Research for his work on maternal and child health; his mastery is evident in the book sections dealing with reproductive and child health, malnutrition, communication, and health management. Health Economics, Hospital statistics, Infection management, Environment plan are few topics which are covered better than most other Indian textbooks. One more highlight of the book is its India specific illustrations and inclusion of field experiences, simple figures, and sketches which makes even the prosaic text, interesting and understandable.

The book has been updated to reflect recent information and advances.

They were urbanization, amplified mosquito population due to categorized into poor , average and good inadequate public health infrastructure.

Agricultural and Statistical significance was calculated using the Horticultural college students who are involved in field software SPSS version 20 Chi-square test. The activities are at higher risk for developing the infections. Institutional Human Ethics Committee approval was Hence, their knowledge about these infections is obtained No.

RESULTS The primary aim of our study is to assess the awareness about mosquito-borne infections among Agricultural and Horticultural college students of all the academic years who are involved in the field activities.

Figure 1: Distribution of students with regard to gender.

Textbook of Community Medicine – Preventive and Social Medicine

Study center 60 According to the grading done based on their scores obtained, 1. Exclusion criteria were students who are not involved in Among the females, only 0.

Comparing the We framed a questionnaire which consists of 24 multiple overall knowledge with regard to gender, females had choice questions, which tests the awareness about comparatively fair knowledge than males. But based on mosquito-borne infections among Agricultural and the chi-square value, there is no association between Horticultural students of all the academic years who are knowledge and gender Table 1.

Table 1: Association between knowledge and gender. The total study populations were divided into two groups based on their age.

First group includes students less than The second group consists of 60 Based on their scores, 0. Among the second group students, 0. Comparing the overall 0. Figure 6: Comparison of knowledge with regard to course.

Based on the scores obtained, only 30 0. Among the Horticultural students, 1.

But the chi-square Figure 4: Comparison of knowledge with regard to value shows that there is no association between age. Hence, their mosquito-borne infections especially dengue.

Park Textbook of Preventive and Social Medicine PDF Book

The study knowledge about these infections is significant. The grading of the knowledge was done the community and implementation of proper public based on their scores.

They were categorized into poor health infrastructure.

Therefore, not only creating , average and good Overall awareness is important, it should also be looked into that knowledge was good among females than males. The knowledge was good in agricultural students Funding: No funding sources when compared with Horticultural students.

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These results Conflict of interest: None declared are similar to the study conducted previously among the Ethical approval: The study was approved by the university students by Payghan and Nayyar et al. Caraballo H, King K. Emergency Department the grid chambers were part of a non-functional old waste Management of Mosquito-Borne Illness: Malaria, water disposal system, while the pumping well was a Dengue, And West Nile Virus.

Emerg Med Pract.The book makes a sincere attempt to fulfill the tenets of Miller's pyramid. But the chi-square Figure 4: Therefore, not only creating , average and good The results of our study revealed that the students have fair level of knowledge about mosquito-borne infections especially dengue.

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Remember me on this computer. Hence, their mosquito-borne infections especially dengue. The importance of the speciality of PSM has been very well recognised and emphasized repeatedly from grass root to international levels, not only in health sector but in other related sectors too.

Gone are the days when the under and postgraduate students of Community Medicine had to rely solely on a textbook of a particular author. There is a significant association between knowledge and age. The second group consists of 60

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