Brenda Joyce is a New York Times bestselling author of more than 50 novels and novellas, including the popular and critically acclaimed de Warenne Dynasty. (Masters of Time #2) Dark Rival - Brenda KB. (Masters of Time # 3) Dark Embrace - Brenda KB. (Masters of Time #4) Dark. The Conqueror - Brenda KB. 2. Scandalous Love - Brenda KB. 3. Promise of the Rose - Brenda KB.

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The Finer Things by Brenda Joyce (Saint Georges #2) Requirements: epub reader; Size: KB Overview: THE PRETENDER An orphan from. 5 days ago The Chase by Brenda Joyce was very peculiar. It kept me on the edge the way it switched back and forth through time zones. It was a. The Masquerade Joyce Brenda is big ebook you must read. You can download any ebooks you wanted like The Masquerade Joyce Brenda in.

So for example in 'A Lady at Last' one of my f will get right to it with my dislike for this book. So for example in 'A Lady at Last' one of my fave books Devlin thinks he's too old for Amanda, she needs to grow up etc etc which is why he resists her.

Amanda has no problem with that and sets out to seduce him and we get fireworks from the Old World to Ireland.

Throughout that book though, we see where he genuinely cares for her. In the 'Promise' however both leads -not just Alexi- are just stubborn for the sake of being stubborn and proud.

Alexi starts off as being sweet yet strong, but by the middle of the book he is terrible. I am sorry folks, but under no circumstances to do I excuse a hero sleeping with and having mistresses during a marraige when he abandons his wife after marrying her. With that said, the heroine wore me out emotionally with her silliness.

I had no problem with her in the first part of the book- at the end of the day, I she was accurately portrayed as a spoiled miss. She was not spiteful or mean to others, she was merely hurt by Alexi and wanted to get back at him. I think that any female with no real independence or autonomy of her own, would resort to flirting to making someone else jealous. I do have a problem with her in the latter parts of the novel where she embraces the persona of a loose wife.

Now Alexi actually took women, which I can not forgive, but for her to want to create that appearance is ludicrous. Like make up your mind child! How can you claim to love Alexi but then want to run around town with men to create the appearance of having lovers? She did this with the excuse that she didnt want anyone to see how humiliated she was. I get that Bear in mind that as a virgin she could have gotten an annulment, but didn't want to because of that being too humiliating.

She'd much rather be galloping around with her father and brothers then being trussed up in a ball gown and having insipid conversation.

After Nicole's pride is pricked by some unsavory acquaintances, Nicole decides to attend the masque ball being held in honor of the Duke of Clayborough's arrival to his neighboring country estate.

Nicole dresses as a gypsy, staying true to the nature of the costume she arrives with her long dark hair unbound and her feet left bare. Her scandalous ensemble garners the attention of the duke in quite the wrong way. He jumps to the conclusion that she's a widow looking for passion. With raging desire that cannot be denied, Hadrian invites Nicole to his home with the simple intentions of bedding her and then sending her on her way.

But things do not go as planned with Nicole's true unwed position being discovered by Hadrian while Nicole discovers that the man she's fallen in love with is actually engaged to be married. A physical altercation ensues with Nicole flaying Hadrian with a riding crop. The whole debacle then moves to London where once again it appears that Nicole is fodder for gossip and that her past scandal has not lost its appeal to society.

Nicole truly begins to care for Elizabeth and sees her as a wonderful friend while Hadrian is pulling his hair out in wanting to stay clear of the temptation of Nicole but he also wants to please his bride.

When Elizabeth's strange and elusive illness claims her life both Nicole and Hadrian are bereft at the loss. Nicole, wanting to ease Hadrian's grief visits him unescorted. Hadrian, wishing to numb both his feelings for Nicole and his grief for Elizabeth, drinks himself into a haze and when comforted by Nicole, he takes her in a fit unbridled passion.

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When he comes to, he's need to be dutiful has him offering Nicole marriage. Nicole refuses. It's her belief that while she loves Hadrian; he's still in love with Elizabeth.

Hadrian, baffled by Nicole's refusal, decides to tell her father what transpired between him and Nicole. Somehow his feelings for Nicole have grown into something that prevents him from even trying to walk away from her.

It's not just about duty, but the fact that he desires her as his wife. He's a little unprepared though for Nicole's wrath when she discovers that he's informed her father of their scandalous passion and she is now being forced by her parents to marry him. Dragging her feet every step of the way insights numerous battles and heated discussion yet neither can deny the passion and desire they still harbor for one another. When the vows are finally spoken and the duke whisks her back to his country estate the culmination of that transpired is fought out in the bedroom eliciting a night of ravaging desire.

But these two are not out of the wood yet. Nicole, glimpsing the love that may be had between them embarks on being a duchess but of course nothing is to go smoothly for the woman who instigates scandal just by breathing.

The battle of wills once again erupts with Hadrian trying to force Nicole to bend to his iron will but she comes back fighting. Eventually Hadrian realizes that who Nicole is, scandal and all, is what has ignited his deep seeded love for her. But will his realization be too late? Nicole was a very feisty and entertaining heroine.

Some reviewers disliked her thinking her to be a whiner who chased after Hadrian incessantly. I loved Nicole though for her blatant tenacity. She's fiery and bold and while there were times that she acted immature, I believe it was more to do with the newness of her emotions. I loved when she went after Hadrian with her crop. She's not afraid to show her emotions to him especially when she's angry.

I think she struck him about four times in the book but I thought they were all deserved. Nicole really had my inner feminist cheering for her time and again. There was only one instance that had me frustrated with Nicole's stubbornness and that was at her wedding. Hadrian spent two weeks trying to quiet any vicious gossip over the truth of their marriage. She almost became ostracized over the fact that the duke was marrying her within weeks of Elizabeth's death.

Hadrian plays the role of a love sick groom, stating that he just couldn't wait to marry his true love.

The Perfect Bride (Electronic book text, ePub First edition)

Yet Nicole ruins his work when she blatantly shows her disapproval over having to marry him. Society then laughs at Hadrian for loving a woman who obviously doesn't love him which couldn't be further from the truth. Nicole soon sees the error to her ways but she almost took her stubbornness too far. Hadrian was a perfect foil to Nicole's untamed spirit.

He really needed some scandal to liven up his life. Nicole becomes the key to his freedom from the choke-hold of duty. And while of course being a man, Hadrian has trouble reconciling his intense feelings for Nicole; he soon accepts that she's the love he's unknowingly always wanted in his life. Despite the vastness of the De Warenne Dynasty series, every book can easily be read as a standalone and 'Scandalous Love' is no exception.

Brenda Joyce has a very extensive website featuring long excerpts and historical facts. I think I've already spent a few hours on her site; the woman seriously has that much material.

May 13, Barbara rated it really liked it. This great author is in my Top 5 and "Scandalous Love" proves why. Every character is brought to life, and every page is live and in your face.

Nicole is a London outcast and has lived the last few years in her family's country estate. She's eccentric, loves the indoors and the out, and has no idea how exotic her beauty truly is The Duke Hadrian; Love that name!

Hadrian downloads an estate close her family's and they me 4 Stars Hadrian downloads an estate close her family's and they meet like all the others do I skimmed a star on the rating because towards the end it becomes a tad long winded and the story starts dragging a bit View 2 comments. Nov 06, Joy joyous reads rated it it was ok Shelves: Oh dear.

Book number six of this series was an explosive, tiresome bundle of fireworks. These two butted heads like a couple of rams in the wilderness.

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Nobody likes two strong opposing characters finding kindred love with one another more than I but it was not the case with these characters. Frankly, their constant bickering annoyed me endlessly. The relentless push and pull of their attraction tir Oh dear. The relentless push and pull of their attraction tired me out. This seems to be the general theme with the relationships in this series.

She kept in pursuit of a man who had no intention of being caught at first.

It got to a point where I was truly embarrassed on her behalf. She had no scruples at all. Her much too forward thinking was far from admirable, to be honest. It was too bad, because I was looking forward to reading about Nicole.

I thought she was an independent woman who would pare down a man down to his size but because she gave too much chase, I didn't like her at all. But Hadrian is definitely not worth that.

Give me a break. Overall, this book ranks probably dead last in this series. It was not an enjoyable read and the characters were far from likable. This concludes my interest in this series. Really, I should've stopped at book 5 as book 7 is sitting in queue in le site. Oh well. Jan 18, Bookworm rated it really liked it. I enjoyed this read, the characters are interesting. Even though the storyline was a bit predicatable, I still enjoyed it.

I liked both Nicole and The Duke. I like that Nicole is unconventional and has a mind of her own, she doesn't just sit around and wait for The Duke, she goes out and gets him.

Nicole did get annoying in some parts though, since she acts so much out of her emotions without thinking things through, almost like a spoiled child. The Duke is a great hero, he's your classic 'tall, I enjoyed this read, the characters are interesting.

The Duke is a great hero, he's your classic 'tall, dark and handsome'. If you're in the mood for a good juicy, historical romance, pick this one up. Jan 21, Laura rated it liked it. Lady Nicole Bragg Shelton was an unconventional young lady. Seven years ago, she left London in disgrace and has been at her family's country estate since then. When Hadrian Braxton-Lowell, Duke of Clayborough downloads the neighboring estate, Nicole is invited to a masque in his honor.

Hadrian is shocked by Nicole's daring conduct and costume at the masque. He finds he admires her fiery spirit and is determined to have her. I first read this when it was published in and I know I re-read it Lady Nicole Bragg Shelton was an unconventional young lady.

The Promise

I first read this when it was published in and I know I re-read it numerous times. Now, when I read it, I find it exhausting. There is so many ups and dramatic, plunging lows in this book.

As an adult, I find Nichole's character bratty and not at all appealing. Hadrian is just an ass. I felt so bad for his mother Isobel. One thing that irritated me was Nicole being called Lady Shelton. Nicole would be referred to as Lady Nicole. A great love story with some interesting characters and some romance. Office hours for programmers and those learning to program. Records may include photos, original documents, family history, relatives, specific dates, locations and full names.

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Nov 02, Bark rated it really liked it Shelves: Oct 10, Glenda Mcalpin rated it did not like it I regret spending so much time on this one. Weil Sie es sich Wert sind.

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