give_&_take_sonusmac. Happy Cracking SSB Preparation Material Download Free PDF. SSB interview book ebook PDF download. Did you find our content. There are many e-books & study material for SSB available on different sites & groups on Facebook. SSB Preparation Material Download Free PDF [All Sets]. Are you looking for SSB interview study material? Check out current affairs and related study material to crack SSB interview. 5 day SSB interview pattern of Indian Army, Navy and Air Force.

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All the below materials are given in pdf format for taking printout and to do real time preparation. If you like this work, Donate Rs. Donate Rs. Download SSB E-books and guides explaining Psychology, Interview & GTO tests. This is a compilation of all the stuffs – study materials we have for our. A blog for Army Navy Air Force preparation. Free Current Affairs how to crack ssb interview pdf how to crack ssb interview of indian navy can average · Home.

Check out complete details of world record of ISRO. We provide best tips and online tests to aspirants who want to crack competitive exams and SSB interview.

We are the one and only website which provided online evaluation of SSB interview tests online for free of cost. SSB study material.

Trending Job Notifications Check out latest job notifications and apply to start with. Know complete 5 day procedure of SSB interview. New Online Tests Practice with online tests to prepare for all competitive exams. Books Know which one is best book for competitive exam preparation. How can we help? Get in touch Contact us. Subscribe to our Email Newsletter. Here, we aimed to address this question by measuring, with optical tweezers, the real-time replication kinetics of the human mitochondrial and bacteriophage T7 DNA polymerases on free-ssDNA, in comparison with ssDNA covered with homologous and non-homologous SSBs under mechanical tension.

We find important differences between the force dependencies of the instantaneous replication rates of each polymerase on different substrates. Upon interaction, the elimination of template secondary structure by SSB binding facilitates the maximum replication rate of the lagging strand polymerase. SSBs bind ssDNA in a sequence-independent manner with high affinity, generally in the picomolar range 1—4.

This stimulation is in part due to the many roles attributed to SSBs reviewed in 1 , 2 , 4 , such as prevention of ssDNA degradation, removal of ssDNA secondary structure, increased primer recognition and initiation, decreased non-specific binding of DNA polymerase to the template, and stimulation of the average primer extension and strand displacement activities of the DNA polymerase.

These nine amino-acids pertain to loop 2. The loop 2. To date, several questions remain unanswered about how apparently competing functions of polymerase and SSB are coordinated during synthesis of the lagging strand. Story2: Rakesh was 31 years old and was a police constable. He lived in the city along with his parents and wife and was a father of a 3-year-old. As the city was having a fair he used to be present in the fair at evening. One day when he was doing his duty he saw a man was running around here and there and was looking for something.

Seeing him worried Rakesh goes to him and asks him the matter and learns that the person came with his boy who he had lost in the fair and was not able to find him. Rakesh calmed him down, gave him water and helped him. He through the police loudspeaker made an announcement to the people to help the boy meet his father, within minutes a person came forward with the boy, the boy on seeing his father ran to him, his father hugged him tightly, he thanked Rakesh, and Rakesh was pleased to help but told him to be careful.

He had volunteered to captain the first-year students. The camp was far from the college location and students were carried out there through the college buses. It was an open site where tents were made so as to keep the students there, the kitchen was a stove and a gas cylinder. Shashank was given the responsibility to monitor the students perform the morning drill exercise.

On the next day they arrived, the students were doing their exercise while Shashank monitored them, as the water camper went out, he came with his friends to fill it from the camp site, when he arrived there he smelt gas leaking from the cylinder, as the tents were nearby and could catch fire, he immediately took the cylinder at a distance from the tent, and asked his other friend to inform the authorities, he and the one friend who remained find out the gas tube hole which caused the leak, he told the authorities about it and got it replaced.

Story4: Tarun was 19 years old and was in his B. Tech second year. He used to live in the hostel along with his friends. Tarun was finding the education a bit difficult as he could not get past a certain barrier; he made a lot of efforts but was not able to score to0 high. In spite of failures, Tarun did not give up on himself and did all he could to improve.

Story5: Ram lived in a village.

He was a young boy who went to the city for higher studies. During summer vacation, he received a letter from his father that the vacation is started in the village too. So he thought to go to there and help the children of his village with their studies. He organised morning shift for middle classes and evening classes for youths. He also taught about environment and sanitation.

He also contacted school principal of village for getting school building for classes. He advised them to join hobby classes and organised such classes for students like painting etc. All the villagers were happy to see his attempt and they were motivated and excited to send their wards to school regularly.

Round 2: WAT — It consists of a series of 60 words flashed with a difference of 15 seconds.

This simple means that an aspirant gets only 15 seconds to see the word and attempt it along with writing a meaningful sentence based out on that word. Tips to excel: Always try to attempt all the words.

Write meaningful sentences which reveal your qualities. Also avoid using adjectives in statements. Since the time available is really very less try to write short, simple and sweet sentences revealing your personality as that can help in long run.

10 Killer Tips to Crack SSB Interview

The sample words given here are indicative only. Remember that the sentences based on words are not fixed and can vary from one individual to the other. Sample set Past — forgetting past and moving ahead is required for success.

Climb — by hard work one can climb to heights. Guide — teachers guide students.Cookie Policy.

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Situation Reaction Test Practice Set. At that time, the place would be too cold. Personal Interview is also held during this phase. During summer vacation, he received a letter from his father that the vacation is started in the village too.

SSB study material

You will get 4 topics out of which you have to select one topic. Over these days, various tests and interviews will be conducted by the board.

Check your Bio-Date for grammatical and spelling error.

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