Reef points refer to: The midshipman handbook of the United States Naval Academy Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Mission of the United States Naval Academy. How Long Have You Been in the Navy? The lacteal fluid extracted from the female of the bovine species is highly prolific to the (approx number of milk glasses remaining in carton) nth degree!. You're coming to Annapolis, the U.S. Naval Academy—or one of the other .. I see plebes during plebe summer standing in a line with “Reef Points” in their.

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We have taken the highlights of Reef Points and information from the Naval all Midshipmen Rates, go to The official handbook of the Naval Academy Brigade of is the book which all Plebes are issued on I-Dayat the United States Naval Academy. induction to the United States Naval Academy! In a few months forms on the Naval Academy Candidate Information System. Reef Points.

Although riots broke out, Maryland did not declare secession. The United States government planned to move the school, when the sudden outbreak of hostilities forced a quick departure. Almost immediately the three upper classes were detached and ordered to sea, and the remaining elements of the academy were transported to Fort Adams , Newport, Rhode Island by the USS Constitution in April and setup in temporary facilities and opened there in May.

Other ships not identified.

United States Naval Academy

The first superintendent, Admiral Franklin Buchanan , joined the Confederate States Navy as its first and primary admiral.

Lee, left Federal service in for the Confederate States Navy. The midshipmen and faculty returned to Annapolis just after the war ended in the summer of He found the infrastructure at Annapolis a shambles, the result of ill military use during the War.

Porter attempted to restore the facilities.

The Naval Academy Plebe Handbook

He concentrated on recruiting naval officers as opposed to civilians, a change of philosophy. He recruited teachers Stephen B. He reinstated Professor Lockwood. The midshipmen battalion consisted of four companies. They held dress parades every evening except Sunday.

Students were termed "cadets", though sometimes "cadet midshipmen;" and other appellations were used. Porter began organized athletics, usually intramural at the time. Class rings were first issued in Weekly dances were held. Wags called the school "Porter's Dancing Academy. Grant distributed diplomas to the class of In , color competition began, along with the selection of the color company, and a "color girl. In , 25 graduated.

Eight of these made the Navy a career. Hazing continued in more stealthy forms. Conyers of South Carolina was the first black admitted on September 21, His classmates even attempted to drown him. He began his experiments with light[ Clarification needed ] along the Severn River. In , the academy was awarded a gold medal for academics at the Universal Exposition in Paris.

In , the Reina Mercedes , sunk at the Battle of Santiago de Cuba , was raised and used as the "brig" ship for the academy. They were revived in In , Kiro Kunitomo, a Japanese citizen, graduated from the academy.

Lopez was the first Hispanic-American to graduate from the academy. In the late 19th century, Congress required the academy to teach a formal course in hygiene, the only course required by Congress of any military academy. Tradition holds that a congressman was particularly disgusted by the appearance of a midshipman returned from cruise. In The Department of Physical Training was established.

The naval academy football team played the University of Washington in the Rose Bowl tying 14— In the second-class ring dance was started. In the Midshipmen Drum and Bugle Corps was formally reestablished. Crosley, was first sung in public. It became a tradition to sing this alma mater song at the end of student and alumni gatherings such as pep rallies and football games, and on graduation day.

In Navy won the national collegiate football championship title. In the fall of the Secretary of the Navy gave his approval for graduates to compete for Rhodes Scholarships.

Six graduates were selected for that honor that same year. In , the class of presented a bronze replica of Tecumseh to replace the deteriorating wooden figurehead that had been prominently displayed on campus. Roosevelt signed into law an act of Congress Public Law , 48 Stat. Four years later, Congress authorized the superintendent to award a bachelor of science degree to all living graduates.

Reserve officer training was re-established in anticipation of World War II in The academy was certified in by the Middle States Association although with reservations about the academic climate. These were used to train midshipmen in ship handling. They are commonly called "youngsters.

Second class midshipmen are charged with training plebes. They report directly to the first class, and issue orders as necessary to carry out their responsibilities.

Second class midshipmen are allowed to drive their own cars but may not park them on campus and are allowed to enter or exit the Yard campus in civilian attire weekends only. First class midshipmen have more freedoms and liberty in the brigade. While they must participate in mandatory sports and military activities and maintain academic standards, they are also charged with the leadership of the Brigade. They are commonly called "firsties".

Firsties are allowed to park their cars on campus and have greater leave and liberty privileges than any other class. Five companies make up each battalion, for a total of 30 companies.

The midshipman command structure is headed by a first class midshipman known as the brigade commander, chosen for outstanding leadership performance. He or she is responsible for much of the brigade's day-to-day activities as well as the professional training of midshipmen.

Overseeing all brigade activities is the commandant of midshipmen, an active-duty Navy captain or Marine Corps colonel.

Working for the commandant, experienced Navy and Marine Corps officers are assigned as company and battalion officers. All wear gold anchor insignia on both lapel collars of the service dress blue jacket. On the winter and summer working uniform shirt, a freshman Midshipman Fourth Class or "plebe" wears no collar insignia, a sophomore Midshipman Third Class or "Youngster" wears a single fouled anchor on the right collar point, a Junior Midshipman Second Class fouled anchors on each collar point, and a Senior Midshipman First Class or "Firstie" wears fouled anchors with perched eagles.

First class midshipmen in officer billets replace those devices with their respective midshipman officer collar insignia. Midshipman officer collar insignia are a series of gold bars, from the rank of Midshipman Ensign one bar or stripe to Midshipman Captain six bars or stripes in the Brigade of Midshipmen at the U. Naval Academy. Depending on the season, midshipmen wear Summer Whites or Service Dress Blues as their dress uniform, and working blues as their daily class uniform. In , the first class midshipmen wore the service khaki as the daily uniform, but this option was repealed following the graduation of the class of First class midshipmen may wear their service selection uniform on second semester Fridays i.

A unique uniform consisting of a Navy blue double-breasted jacket with brass buttons and high collar, blue or white high-rise trousers white worn during Graduation Week , and duty belt with silver NA buckle, is worn for formal parades during spring and autumn parade seasons. During commissioning week formerly known as "June week" , the uniform is summer whites. Halls and principal buildings Bancroft Hall is the largest building at the Naval Academy and the largest college dormitory in the world.

Open to the public are Memorial Hall, a midshipman-maintained memorial to graduates who have died during military operations, and the Rotunda, the ceremonial entrance to Bancroft Hall. The Naval Academy Chapel , at the center of the campus, across from Herndon Monument, has a high dome that is visible throughout Annapolis.

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The chapel was featured on the U. Postal Service postage stamp honoring the Academy's th anniversary in Tradition states that if a plebe can place a midshipman cover hat on top of the chapel, plebe year will be over for all Fourth Class midshipmen. This tradition, however, is considered dangerous and is discouraged by the Academy. Levy Center and Jewish Chapel ,[76] primarily funded with private donations, was dedicated on 23 September The chapel was named for Commodore Uriah P.

Levy and houses a Jewish chapel, the honor board, ethics, character learning center, officer development spaces, a social director, and academic boards. Built featuring Jerusalem stone , the architecture of the exterior is consistent with nearby Bancroft Hall.

Alumni Hall is the primary assembly hall for the Brigade of Midshipmen and has two dining facilities. It hosts various sporting events including the men's and women's intercollegiate basketball games and is used by alumni for reunions.

Walking tours include five types of adult tours and two types of student tours. Dahlgren Hall contains a large multi-purpose room and a restaurant area. It was once used as an armory for the Academy, for drill purposes, and contained the Ordnance and Gunnery Department and classrooms. It was named for John A. The Dyer Tennis Clubhouse is used by the tennis team and contains locker rooms, offices, a racquet stringing room, a lounge, and a viewing deck overlooking the tennis courts.

It was named for William F. Halsey, Jr.

It was named for Ernest J. Daily fare ranges from eggs, to sandwiches, to prime rib and the annual crab feast. Larson Hall- the administration building "Larson Hall" is named in honor of Adm.

Charles R.

Larson , Naval Academy Class of , who passed away July 26, The building was built in , renovated in , and serves as the headquarters of the Naval Academy superintendent and immediate staff. Lejeune Hall , built in , contains an Olympic-class swimming pool and diving tower, a mat room for wrestling and hand-to-hand martial arts, and the Athletic Hall of Fame.

Named for John A. MacDonough Hall contains a full-scale gymnastics area, two boxing rings, and alternate swimming pools. It was named for Thomas MacDonough. Mahan Hall contains a theater along with the old library in the Hart Room, which has now been converted into a lounge and meeting room.

It was named for Alfred Thayer Mahan. Designed by Ernest Flagg. It was named for Matthew Fontaine Maury. Michelson , the first American to win the Nobel Prize in Physics. It was named for Chester W. The Officers' and Faculty Club and officers quarters spread around the Yard. Preble Hall houses the U.

United States Naval Academy

Naval Academy Museum. It maintains a collection of Naval Academy class rings from through to the present. Tradition dictates that the first deceased class member's ring is donated to the museum to represent that class in the official class ring display. Ricketts Hall contains the basketball, football, and lacrosse offices, the locker room for the varsity football team, and one of the academy's three "strength and conditioning facilities," where Midshipman athletes train.

It was named for Hyman G. White V-neck fitted cotton tight-fitting undershirts White tube socks 22 pairs. Tube socks need to reach just below the mid-calf. Ankle socks will not be authorized for wear.

Black or navy compression "Spandex" shorts 6 , to be worn under mesh running shorts. White sports bras White or nude bras. NO regular sport bras will be issued on I-Day. Plebes will have few opportunities to wear these bras, except during uniform fittings.

Candidates are highly encouraged to bring their own "broken-in" running shoes. Athletic shoes for any sports in which you desire to participate soccer cleats, basketball shoes, etc. Athletic equipment for any sports in which you desire to participate lacrosse stick, tennis racket, baseball glove, etc.

Do not bring heavy or bulky equipment such as weights, bicycles or golf clubs. Additional toiletries razors, shaving cream, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, hygiene products. Inexpensive scientific calculator or graphing calculator for placement exams, taken in the first few days of Plebe Summer. Additional batteries are suggested. Cell phones. Candidates can use their personal cell phones to call home during Plebe Summer.

When not in use, cell phones will be stored in a secure location and charged before calling. Cell phones are not be allowed to be stored in their room in Bancroft Hall during Plebe Summer. It is recommended to pack lightly to avoid carrying unnecessary items with the 60 pounds of gear issued on I-Day. All items that you are not permitted to keep will be stored.

Other items you may want or need may be mailed. Candidates should report with only minimal clothing in addition to the prescribed underclothing. Cosmetics and jewelry except religious medallion necklace whose chain is long enough to 10 prevent it showing in uniform are not permitted during Plebe Summer. It is recommended to bring items in a collapsible overnight bag labeled with your name. Civilian clothing will be placed in storage and returned at the end of Plebe Summer.

Wrist watches and electrical grooming equipment will not be authorized for use over Plebe Summer. However, you can bring them to I-Day.

They will be inventoried and returned at the end of Plebe Summer. Candidates are highly discouraged from bringing high value items to Plebe Summer. Do not bring stereo equipment, clock radios, lamps, over-the-counter medication or additional civilian clothing. Anything mailed is subject to confiscation. Items allowed during Plebe Summer vary from company to company. Some allow personal toiletries while others do not, including a watch, wallet, etc. What You Can Mail The general rule of thumb is to bring very few items.

Additional articles can be mailed. A mutiny can be suspected if there are more plebes than racks beds in a room. The charge of mutiny can be waylaid if an American flag is displayed in the room. Other Preparations Men - Grooming Midshipmen are required to keep their hair neatly trimmed.

Moustaches and beards are not permitted. Haircuts must present an evenly graduated appearance and must be tapered to the skin at the hairline on the sides and the back.

The hair must be combed to remain clear of the forehead. In no case may the hair be longer than four inches long or two inches high on top for midshipmen. Sideburns must be neatly trimmed and may not extend below the middle of the ear, shall be an even width not flared , and must end at a clean-shaven horizontal line.

It is recommended that appointees report for induction with their hair cut to midshipmen standards. All appointees will be processed through Naval Academy barbers shortly after initial check-in. Note: Male midshipmen must shave daily, regardless of the need. Clothing for males The Naval Academy recommends appointees arrive in lightweight slacks, a short-sleeve shirt and athletic shoes. Uniform items, including underclothing, will be issued on I-Day.

To ensure adequate underclothing to last through the transition period until the first weekly laundry service, bring or mail at least six plain white cotton briefs jockey-style and six white cotton T-shirts round neck and V-neck , six white tube socks black or navy compression "Spandex" 11 shorts. Other styles and colors of underclothing are not permitted.

The academy will issue running shoes personal running shoes will also be allowed. Jewelry is not to be worn during Plebe Summer with the exception of a religious medallion necklace whose chain is long enough to prevent it being seen in uniform.

Wristwatches may be worn, if allowed in the company.

Toiletries Toiletries are issued and are available in the Midshipmen Store. These include razors, toothbrushes, shaving cream, toothpaste, soap, shampoo and other hygiene supplies. Appointees may bring electrical equipment for personal grooming, if desired.

Women - Grooming Female plebes are required to have a haircut that is above their chin.The decision whether to serve enlisted time or reimburse the government is at the discretion of the Secretary of the Navy. In , the " James Forrestal Lecture" was created, named for the first U. From 3 to 16 juniors are selected for independent study during their final year. In the fall of the Secretary of the Navy gave his approval for graduates to compete for Rhodes Scholarships.

A pony tail of at least 10" can be donated to Locks of Love, a charitable organization that supplies wigs to children with hair loss due to medical problems. Lee, left Federal service in for the Confederate States Navy.

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