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Jenny Han,Siobhan Vivian: The Complete Burn for Burn Trilogy: Burn for Burn/ Fire with Fire/Ashes to Ashes à la recherche. «Magika Swordsman and Summoner: Vol. 4 free pdf - Aunt Dimity Goes West download ebook». Burn for Burn Series by Jenny Han eBooks Free Download PDF Fire Book, Book The Complete Burn for Burn Trilogy: Burn for Burn; Fire with Fire; Ashes to. by Jenny Han, Siobhan Vivian Postcard-perfect Jar 1-Burn for Burn - Jenny KB. 2-Fire With Fire - Jenny KB.

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Fire with Fire

The Alice Stories: Black Ice. Book 3. Silver Brumby Echoing Volume 3. Refuge Many Dreams, One Land. Monsieur Cadichon Memoirs of a Donkey. Disruption Disruption. In the Afterlight The Darkest Minds. Paper Towns. Item Added: Oct 07, Arianne in uni rated it liked it. I want the book now March 18, The cover is gorg!! May 13, Jamie-leigh Haughn rated it it was amazing Shelves: The twist at the end was so unbelievably unexpected to me, my jaw hit the floor!

Im sp back and forth on all of these characters, I have love hate relationships with almost all of them because they all seem to do messed up stuff but they also all have redeeming qualities. The only character I love al OH. The only character I love always Is Alex, he is the best! Its just such a crazy bond between our three main characters and I love that, I also love how these books show three different perspectives, its great!

If you haven't started this story yet, you should!! Die Handlung war um einiges spannender und ab der Halloweenfeier fand ich auch endlich die Protagonistinnen richtig gut.

Ich kann es jetzt kau 4. Nov 13, Emily Obsessed Reader rated it really liked it. I'm trying to calm myself down. I didn't like this book quite as much as the first one, mainly because all of the characters besides Kat were getting on my nerves pretty badly. Especially Lillia. Also, as you can see from my updates, I was really annoyed with certain things, like the fact that the word "slut" is thrown around so much and so carelessly.

Still, this was a super-fast-paced 4. I still liked it a lot, and I'm seriously starting the third book right now.

May 31, Emerald Sue rated it it was amazing Shelves: Overall Thoughts All I gotta say it that this was such a fun and addictive series!

Not to mention just totally off the charts with insanity. It really ended up going somewhere completely weird and unexpected but totally awesome. The second book was by far my favorite cause it had the most twist and turns. And everything leading up to it was just pure fun high school drama and who doesn't enjoy that?

Seriously, read it. Mar 15, Breanne rated it it was amazing. I Neeed the third book!! No compensation was given or taken to alter this review. Burn For Burn was fun. Fire With Fire was another story. Much more complex with depth and more of a realistic backbone, the sequel to Burn For Burn surprised me entirely. If you were not the greatest fan of Burn For Burn, I believe that this one is still worth trying because it was a huge improvement.

Sweet revenge turns sour Lillia, Kat and Mary were close to getting caught for drugging Reeve at Homecoming. So close. When Mary's grudge against Reeve does not go away, she seeks out Lillia and Kat's help to make him pay. As if already off the football team and football scholarship dreams gone wasn't enough. Despite Lillia and Kat's reluctance to plot Reeve's heartbreak they give in. Because what are friends for? I feel like the greatest improvement in Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian's series is that they reveal more depth in each of the girls' personalities.

We learn more about their pasts and how the memories and unforgotten fights are effecting them now. Lillia was my favourite girl in this book. She was awfully considerate to her peers and I honestly felt sorry for her as Rennie began to drift away from Lillia and make her life a living hell by attempting to take away her sister and friends.

God Rennie is a bitch. She deserved what she got in the end. Anyway, we get to learn more about Lillia's traumatic past and how she is struggling to trust boys the same way once more. I do love her tight friendship with Alex--there wasn't any really chemistry between the two which was nice.

Lillia goes through quite a lot in Fire With Fire, she's on a mission to break Reeve's heart as well as dealing with the bulling and little bit of racism from Rennie. Kat is one of the tougher girls in this book. She was Rennie's ex-friend form a while back and hates her for ruining her life. I loved Kat's attitude, while she wasn't completely heart-less she had tough skin. Out of the three, Mary wasn't a favourite.

She has been completely revenge driven and wants Reeve to pay the harshest fall. However a bit of her still remembers the Reeve she knew and loved years ago. She wishes the old Reeve was still here.

I was rather confused by Mary to be honest. Did she like him or did she hate him? Her emotions were not really comprehendible. An entertaining read with plenty of layers in each of the three girls, we watch them play with fire as they throw their revenge at the people that have once hurt them.

Highly recommended if you have not tried out this series yet! View all 9 comments. Burn for Burn was a book which I really adored last year; it was a fun contemporary with a different twist. Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian literally came out all guns blazing with this book.


It was a story of three different girls coming together, but in particular the stories of Lillia and Kat really struck a chord with me.

We barely touched upon these characters in the first book, but I really feel as if I got the chance to know them that much more. Her story really left a strong impression with me. I was at parts left with swollen eyelids after crying so hard. Lillia really found her back against the wall in this book, she was torn between deciding with whether she should stick with what the girls had been telling her to do or whether she should listen to her heart. Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian did a tremendous job, in displaying the inner turmoil Lillia had to battle with.

Her depth of feelings which she developed over the course of the book and having to constantly battle them away was so hard to watch. But honestly my heart so went out for him. Yes he could be a punk at times, but the moments when he shared his sweet and tender side I loved! I need more of this guy right away!

Fire with Fire was a book which I thought would highly fixated upon the girls and getting their revenge. Whenever Mary popped up I really wanted to skip her chapters. I understand she was hurt by what happened, but I think her idea of revenge just got totally got out of control in this book.

And then when I got to know him that bit more I was even more against her plan. And as the story progressed she came across really deluded, with her lurking about and not considering that she had such great friends in front of her. However I thought I knew my feelings when it concerned Mary, but the ending just completely threw me.

Fire with Fire was an incredible follow up book from Burn for Burn. With so much going on constantly, I never wanted this book to end. And the great depths we got to experience of my favourite characters made this a top read of this year for sure.

Fire with Fire

This review can be found on The Readers Den View all 12 comments. Aug 24, Grace rated it it was amazing Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I just picked up this book early last week before heading to a camping trip, I wanted to read it so bad it hurt! In fact, I actually missed a beach day to just sit in a lawn chair and read a couple hundred pages!!

If you thought that burn for burn was good then you're going to absolutely adore fire for fire!! I was so lost I had to re-read some of I just picked up this book early last week before heading to a camping trip, I wanted to read it so bad it hurt! I was so lost I had to re-read some of her parts over.

Nevertheless, I'm pretty excited for the next novel, 'Ashes for Ashes', to come out!! I love Reeve now, but I hope, in the second book, Alex gets some more clearance on his and Lillia's relationship. It'd be cool if she became a ghost like Mary, and since they both hate Reeve, they team up to kill him I know it sounds mean but I got this idea when, at the end she said,' an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life' Overall the book was fantastic; can't wait for 'Ashes to Ashes'!

Goooo Jenny! View 1 comment. May 27, Maddie rated it really liked it.

Well, I can't say I saw that plot twist coming! Bring on the next book!

Oh my gosh. I can't even. Reeve and Lillia. I'm dying. I absolutely love Jenny Han, everything she writes is gold. That ending blew my mind. View all 3 comments. Ehrlich gesagt interessiert es mich gerade nicht wirklich, was in Band 3 passiert, werde den aber trotzdem lesen, da ich ihn schon hier liegen habe. Jul 21, Sally Randazzo rated it really liked it.

I'm not really going to write a review. I enjoyed this book, it was fast paced and I enjoyed the different point of views and seeing another side to some of the more villainous characters.

That's all I really need to say about that. Now I need to get to the ending I was confused.

Fire with Fire

My first thoughts when I finished the book was what the fuck just happened? I stayed up til four am to finish this book, and now that I've had some time to think about it, I think I get it. Mary is a ghost duh! So ho I'm not really going to write a review.

So how come she can be seen sometimes? Here is my theory Most of the time Mary is invisible, completely ignored. Her aunt Bette can see her. Because she's a witch. I almost feel bad for her. At first I thought Bette just didn't want Mary to practice witch craft because she wasn't sure how to control it. I kept wondering why she didn't just try to train her. Now I understand she was terrified.

She was being haunted. She watched this ghost go out and hurt people. She wanted to exorcise her I believe. When the mother showed up is was so confused, but I get it.

She didn't believe in the ghost, at first. Until Mary got a little too upset and pretty much shook the house. There were only a few other times in the first two books where I remember Mary being seen, by people other than Kat and lilia. The first time was homecoming where reeve said big easy. I believe Mary can be seen when she is losing control, but I think she is seen the way she died. An overweight thirteen year old girl in soaking wet clothes. Also I think she needs to want to be seen.

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Reeve being high out of his mind at homecoming could also have something to do with it. The next time people saw her and acknowledged her was Halloween. First, Kats brother, then the cute boy, then reeve. I believe all of this has to do with it being Halloween. Bette said that the connection between the living ad the dead is strongest.

I think she also appeared as the way she was dressed that night. This explains why reeve told her to go fuck herself.

Ashes To Ashes Jenny Han Pdf Free Download

He must have been terrified, some random cute girl claiming to be the same girl who he drove to suicide five years earlier. I actually feel bad for him. The next time Mary was seen was by Rennie. I don't really understand this. Price may vary by retailer.

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About The Authors. Photograph by Janelle Bendycki. Jenny Han. Siobhan Vivian. Product Details. Resources and Downloads. Fire with Fire Trade Paperback Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today! More books in this series:It also had its flaws, but the entire series is quite addicting.

Then she heads over toward the bike path. But actual swimming is just not my thing. It doesn't feel like two authors trying to write three POVs, it feels like three vivid people sharing their thoughts. A white plaster cast stretches from his upper thigh all the way down to his toes.

Because I honestly have no idea, and trying to think of explanations is making my brain hurt. His toes, what I can see of them poking out of the cast, are purple and swollen. So ho I'm not really going to write a review. Most of the time Mary is invisible, completely ignored. How is he?

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