The right of Kass Morgan to be identified as the Author of the Work has been asserted by The 3 scraping against her throat. If a doctor was coming, that. A young 3rd generation of one hundred juvenile prisoners was sent on an all or nothing mission to the Earth to test its habitability. Download The by Kass Morgan [PDF] [ePub] or you can download the book from site. All soft copy books of The by Kass Morgan acquired. “The ” is a famous post-apocalyptic sci-fi novel, which was written by Kass Morgan in The author skillfully fills the text with wonderful.

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The by Kass Morgan (SAMPLE) - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Coming mid-season to the CW! In the future. The Day 21 by Kass Morgan [Excerpt] - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. It's been 21 days since the hundred landed. Kass Morgan is the author of The series, which is now a television show on the CW. She received a bachelor's degree from Brown University and a master's .

A few days later, someone sets fire to the camp, killing Thalia. As the survivors investigate, they discover a farm not too far from the site, leading them to the realization that they are not alone. The Homecoming[ edit ] After the dropships crash, Clarke, Bellamy, and Wells lead a rescue party to the crash site, allowing Clarke and Wells to reunite with Glass and Luke.

Clarke ponders leaving the camp to search for her parents. The Chancellor, still in a coma, remains trapped in the Colony above Earth. Vice Chancellor Rhodes takes control over the community on Earth, planning to force Luke to execute Bellamy, as a warning to anyone attempting to challenge him.

With Sasha's help, Clarke and Wells escape with the wounded Bellamy. One of Rhodes' men kills Sasha when she tries to get more supplies. As Mount Weather prepares for Rhodes' attack, some of the Colonists revolt and join their benefactors against Rhodes. Clarke, Bellamy, and Wells are captured during the initial exchange, but another faction of Earthborns defeat and capture Rhodes before he can execute Bellamy. Later, more colonists from other dropships arrive, and one of the arrivals informs Wells that his father was still in a coma, with only a few hours of oxygen left when their dropship departed.

The guard smirked, and Bellamy felt something in his chest tighten. Hed been bribing Colton for information about Octavia since her arrest, and the idiot always seemed to find twisted pleasure in delivering bad news.

Theyre sending them off today. The words landed with a thud in Bellamys chest. They got one of the old dropships on G deck working. He held out his hand again. Now come on. This missions top secret and Im risking my ass for you. Im done messing around. Bellamys stomach twisted as a series of images flashed before his eyes: his little sister strapped into an ancient metal 21 KASS MORGAN cage, hurtling through space at a thousand kilometers an hour.

Homecoming: Book 3 (The 100) Kass Morgan PDF Download

Her face turning purple as she struggled to breathe the toxic air. Her crumpled body lying just as still as Bellamy took a step forward. Im sorry, man. Colton narrowed his eyes. For what? For this. Bellamy drew his arm back, then punched the guard right in the jaw.

There was a loud crack, but he felt nothing but his racing heart as he watched Colton fall to the ground. Thirty minutes later, Bellamy was trying to wrap his mind around the strange scene in front of him. His back was against the wall of a wide hallway that led onto a steep ramp.

Convicts streamed by in gray jackets, led down the incline by a handful of guards. At the bottom was the dropship, a circular contraption outfitted with rows of harnessed seats that would take the poor, clueless kids to Earth.

The whole thing was completely sick, but he supposed it was better than the alternative. While you were supposed to get a retrial at your eighteenth birthday, in the last year or so, pretty much every juvenile defendant had been found guilty. Without this mission, theyd be counting down the days until their executions.

Bellamys stomach clenched as his eyes settled on a second ramp, and for a moment, he worried that hed missed 22 THE Octavia. But it didnt matter whether he saw her board.

Theyd be reunited soon enough. Bellamy tugged on the sleeves of Coltons uniform. It barely fit, but so far none of the other guards seemed to notice.

They were focused on the bottom of the ramp, where Chancellor Jaha was speaking to the passengers. You have been given an unprecedented opportunity to put the past behind you, the Chancellor was saying. The mission on which youre about to embark is dangerous, but your bravery will be rewarded. If you succeed, your infractions will be forgiven, and youll be able to start new lives on Earth. Bellamy barely suppressed a snort.

The Chancellor had some nerve to stand there, spewing whatever bullshit helped him sleep at night. Well be monitoring your progress very closely, in order to keep you safe, the Chancellor continued as the next ten prisoners filed down the ramp, accompanied by a guard who gave the Chancellor a crisp salute before depositing his charges in the dropship and retreating back up to stand in the hallway.

Bellamy searched the crowd for Luke, the only Waldenite he knew who hadnt turned into a total prick after becoming a guard. But there were fewer than a dozen guards on the launch deck; the Council had clearly decided that secrecy was more important than security.

If he was caught posing as a guard, the list of infractions would be endless: bribery, blackmail, identity theft, conspiracy, and whatever else the Council felt like adding to the mix. And since he was twenty, thered be no Confinement for him; within twenty-four hours of his sentencing, hed be dead.

Bellamys chest tightened as a familiar red hair ribbon appeared at the end of the hallway, peeking out from a curtain of glossy black hair. For the past ten months, hed been consumed with agonizing worries about what was happening to her in Confinement. Was she getting enough to eat?

Was she finding ways to stay occupied? Stay sane? While Confinement would be brutal for anyone, Bellamy knew that itd be infinitely worse for O.

Bellamy had pretty much raised his younger sister. Or at least hed tried. After their mothers accident, he and Octavia had been placed under Council care. There was no precedent for what to do with siblingswith the strict population laws, a couple was never allowed to have more than one child, and sometimes, they werent permitted to have any at alland so no one in the Colony understood what it meant to have a brother or sister.

Bellamy and Octavia lived in different group homes for a number of years, but Bellamy had always looked out for her, sneaking her extra rations whenever he 24 THE wandered into one of the restricted storage facilities, confronting the tough-talking older girls who thought itd be fun to pick on the chubby-cheeked orphan with the big blue eyes. Bellamy worried about her constantly. The kid was special, and hed do anything to give her a chance at a different life.

Anything to make up for what shed had to endure. As Octavias guard led her onto the ramp, Bellamy suppressed a smile. While the other kids shuffled passively along as their escorts led them toward the dropship, it was clear Octavia was the one setting the pace. She moved deliberately, forcing her guard to shorten his stride as she sauntered down the ramp. She actually looked better than the last time hed seen her. He supposed it made sense. Shed been sentenced to four years in Confinement, until a retrial on her eighteenth birthday that would very well lead to her execution.

Now she was being given a second chance at a life. And Bellamy was going to make damn sure she got it. He didnt care what he had to do. He was going to Earth with her. The Chancellors voice boomed over the clamor of footsteps and nervous whispers.

He still held himself like a soldier, but his years on the Council had given him a politicians gloss. No one in the Colony knows what you are about to do, but if you succeed, we will all owe you our lives. When Octavias gaze settled on Bellamy, her mouth fell open in surprise. He could see her mind race to make sense of the situation. They both knew hed never be selected as a guard, which meant that he had to be there as an impostor.

But just as she began to mouth a warning, the Chancellor turned to address the prisoners who were still coming down the ramp. Octavia reluctantly turned her head, but Bellamy could see the tension in her shoulders. His heart sped up as the Chancellor finished his remarks and motioned for the guards to finish loading the passengers. He had to wait for just the right moment. If he acted too soon, thered be time to haul him out.

If he waited too long, Octavia would be barreling through space toward a toxic planet, while he remained to face the consequences of disrupting the launch. Finally, it was Octavias turn.

She turned over her shoulder and caught his eye, shaking her head slightly, a clear warning not to do anything stupid. But Bellamy had been doing stupid things his whole life, and he had no intention of stopping now. The Chancellor nodded at a woman in a black uniform. She turned to the control panel next to the dropship and started pressing a series of buttons. Large numbers began flashing on the screen.

He had three minutes to get past the door, down the ramp, and onto the dropship, or else lose his sister forever. As the final passengers loaded, the mood in the room shifted. The guards next to Bellamy relaxed and began talking quietly among themselves. Across the deck on the other ramp, someone let out an obnoxious snort. Bellamy felt a tide of anger rise within him, momentarily overpowering his nerves.

How could these assholes laugh when his sister and ninety-nine other kids were being sent on what might be a suicide mission?

The woman by the control panel smiled and whispered something to the Chancellor, but he scowled and turned away. The real guards had begun trudging back up and were filing into the hallway.

Either they thought they had better things to do than witness humanitys first attempt to return to Earth, or they thought the ancient dropship was going to explode and were headed to safety. Bellamy took a deep breath. It was time. Bellamy snatched the weapon and charged down the loading ramp.

Before anyone knew what was happening, Bellamy jabbed his elbow into the Chancellors stomach and threw an arm around his neck, securing him in a headlock. The launch deck exploded with shouts and stamping feet, but before anyone had time to reach him, Bellamy placed the barrel of the gun against the Chancellors temple. There was no way hed actually shoot the bastard, but the guards needed to think he meant business. Everyone back up, Bellamy shouted, tightening his hold. The Chancellor groaned.

There was a loud beep, and the flashing numbers changed from green to red. Less than a minute left. All he had to do was wait until the door to the dropship started to close, then push the Chancellor out of the way and duck inside. There wouldnt be any time to stop him. Let me onto the dropship, or Ill shoot. The room fell silent, save for the sound of a dozen guns being cocked. In thirty seconds, hed either be heading to Earth with Octavia, or back to Walden in a body bag.

The guards were closing in around two figures near the entrance to the dropship. It was difficult to see through the shifting mass of uniforms, but Glass caught a flash of suit sleeve, a glimpse of gray hair, and the glint of metal. Then half the guards knelt down and raised their guns to their shoulders, giving Glass an unobstructed view: The Chancellor was being held hostage.

Everyone back up, the captor yelled, his voice shaking. He wore a uniform, but he clearly wasnt a guard. His hair was far longer than regulation length, his jacket fit badly, and his awkward grip on the gun showed that hed never been trained to use one. I said back up. The numbness that had set in during the long walk from her cell to the launch deck melted away like an icy comet passing the sun, leaving a faint trail of hope in its wake. She didnt belong here.

She couldnt pretend they were about to head off on some historic adventure. The moment the dropship detached from the ship, Glasss heart would start to break. This is my chance, she thought suddenly, excitement and terror shooting through her. Glass unhooked her harness and sprang to her feet. A few other prisoners noticed, but most were caught up watching the drama unfolding atop the ramp.

She dashed to the far side of the dropship, where another ramp led back up to the loading deck. Im going with them, the boy shouted as he took a step backward toward the door, dragging the Chancellor with him.

Im going with my sister. A stunned silence fell over the launch deck. The word echoed in Glasss head but before she had time to process its significance, a familiar voice pulled her from her thoughts. Let him go. Glass glanced at the back of the dropship and froze, momentarily stunned by the sight of her best friends face. Of course, shed heard the ridiculous rumors that Wells had 30 THE been Confined, but hadnt given them a second thought. What was he doing here? As she stared at Wellss gray eyes, which were trained intently on his father, the answer came to her: He must have tried to follow Clarke.

Wells would do anything to protect the people he cared about, most of all Clarke. And then there was a deafening cracka gunshot? Without stopping to think, to breathe, she dashed through the door and began sprinting up the ramp. Fighting the urge to look back over her shoulder, Glass kept her head down and ran as fast as shed ever run in her life.

Shed chosen just the right moment. For a few seconds, the guards stood still, as if the reverberation from the gunshot had locked their joints in place. Then they caught sight of her. Prisoner on the run! The flash of movement activated the instincts drilled into their brains during training. It didnt matter that she was a seventeen-year-old girl. Theyd been programmed to look past the flowing blond hair and wide blue eyes that had always made people want to protect Glass.

All they saw was an escaped convict. Glass threw herself through the door, ignoring the angry shouts that rose up in her wake. She hurtled down the passageway that led back to Phoenix, her chest heaving, her breath coming in ragged gasps.

Stop right there! If she ran fast enough, and if the luck that had been eluding her all her life made a final, last-minute appearance, maybe she could see Luke one last time. And maybe, just maybe, she could get him to forgive her. Gasping, Glass staggered down a passageway bordered by unmarked doors. Her right knee buckled, and she grabbed on to the wall to catch herself.

The corridor was beginning to grow blurry. She turned her head and could just make out the shape of an air vent. Glass hooked her fingers under one of the slats and pulled. Nothing happened. With a groan, she pulled again and felt the metal grate give. She yanked it open, revealing a dark, narrow tunnel full of ancient-looking pipes.

Glass pulled herself onto the small ledge, then scooted along on her stomach until there was room to bring her knees up to her chest.

The 100 by Kass Morgan

The metal felt cool against her burning skin. With her last milligram of strength, she crept deeper into the tunnel and closed the vent behind her. She strained her ears for signs of pursuit, but there was no more shouting, no more footsteps, only the desperate thud of her heart.

Glass blinked in the near darkness, taking stock of where she was. The cramped space extended straight in both directions, thick with dust. It had to be one of the original air shafts, from before the Colony built their new air circulation and filtration systems. Glass had no idea where it would lead, 32 THE but she was out of options.

She started to crawl forward. After what felt like hours, her knees numb and her hands burning, she reached a fork in the tunnel. If her sense of direction was right, then the tunnel on the left would lead to Phoenix, and the other would run parallel to the skybridge onto Walden, and toward Luke. Luke, the boy she loved, who shed been forced to abandon all those months ago.

Who shed spent every night in Confinement thinking about, so desperate for his touch that shed almost felt the pressure of his arms around her. She took a deep breath and turned to the right, not knowing if she was headed toward freedom or certain death.

Ten minutes later, Glass slid quietly out of the vent and lowered herself to the floor. She took a step forward and coughed as a plume of dust swirled around her face, sticking to her sweaty skin. She was in some kind of storage space.

As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, shapes began to materialize on the wallwriting, Glass realized. She took another few steps forward, and her eyes widened. There were messages carved into the walls. As nuclear and biological war threatened to destroy Earth, space had been the only option for those lucky enough to survive the first stages of the Cataclysm.

But some infected survivors fought their way onto the transport podsonly to find themselves barred from Phoenix, left to die on Walden. Now, whenever there was the slightest threat of illness, anyone infected was quarantined, kept far from the rest of the Colonys vulnerable populationthe last of the human race. Glass shivered as she moved quickly toward the door, praying that it hadnt rusted shut. To her relief, she was able to wrench it open and began dashing down the corridor.

She peeled off her sweat-soaked jacket; in her white T-shirt and prison-issue pants, she could pass for a worker, someone on sanitation duty, perhaps. She glanced down nervously at the bracelet on her wrist. She wasnt sure whether it would work on the ship, or if it was only meant to transmit data from Earth. Either way, she needed to figure out a way to get it off as soon as possible.

Even if she avoided the passages with retina scanners, every guard in the Colony would be on the lookout for her. Her only hope was that theyd be expecting her to run back to Phoenix. Theyd never guess that she would come here. She climbed up the main Walden stairwell until she reached the entrance to Lukes residential unit.

She turned 34 THE into his hallway and slowed down, wiping her sweaty hands on her pants, suddenly more nervous than shed been on the dropship. She couldnt imagine what hed say, the look hed give her when he saw her on his doorstep after her disappearance more than nine months earlier. But maybe he wouldnt have to say anything. Perhaps, as soon as he saw her, as soon as the words began to pour out of her mouth, he would silence her with a kiss, relying on his lips to tell her that everything was okay.

That she was forgiven. Glass glanced over her shoulder and then slipped out the door. She didnt think anyone had seen her, but she had to be careful. It was incredibly rude to leave a Partnering Ceremony before the final blessing, but Glass didnt think shed be able to spend another minute sitting next to Cassius, with his dirty mind and even fouler breath.

His wandering hands reminded Glass of Carter, Lukes two-faced roommate whose creepiness only slithered out of the darkness when Luke was out on guard duty. Glass climbed the stairs toward the observation deck, taking care to lift the hem of her gown with each step.

Itd been foolish to waste so many ration points collecting the materials for the dress, a piece of tarp that shed painstakingly sewn into a silver slip. It felt utterly worthless without Luke there to see her in it. She couldnt understand why Glass hadnt snatched up Wells. No matter how many times Glass explained that she didnt have those types of feelings for him, her mother sighed and muttered about not letting some badly dressed scientist girl steal him away.

But Glass was happy that Wells had fallen for the beautiful if slightly overserious Clarke Griffin. She only wished she could tell her mother the truth: that she was in love with a handsome, brilliant boy who could never escort her to a concert or a Partnering Ceremony. May I have this dance? Glass gasped and spun around. As her eyes locked with a familiar pair of brown ones, her face broke into a wide smile. They dressed quickly, then grabbed their packs and headed back into the shadow-filled woods.

The trail was fairly easy to follow, although Bellamy kept spotting the next print long before Clarke saw anything. Had his eyes grown that sharp from hunt- ing? Or was it the by-product of his desperation? Forget the gills. I think youve developed night vision, she called when he dashed toward yet another footprint she hadnt noticed.

Shed meant it as a joke, of course, but then she frowned. The radia- tion levels on Earth clearly werent as high as shed once feared, but that didnt mean they were safe yet. Low-level radiation poisoning could take weeks to present, even if their cells had already begun to deteriorate. For all she knew, that was why no more dropships had arrived.

What if the Council wasnt waiting to determine whether Earth was safebecause the hundreds biometric data had already proved that it wasnt? Her heart racing, Clarke glanced down at the monitor clamped to her wrist and counted the days theyd been on Earth.

She looked up at the moon, which was three- quarters full. Her stomach plummeted as she remembered a pivotal moment in her parents research. The day most patients grew sicker. Im used to looking for things in the dark, Bellamy said ahead of her, oblivious to her anxiety. Back on the Colony, Id sneak into the abandoned storage areas. Most of them didnt have electricity anymore. Clarke winced as a branch scraped her leg. What were you looking for?

If any- one did begin presenting signs of radiation poisoning, they had some medicine that might help, albeit a paltry amount. Old machine parts, textiles, the odd Earthmade relic anything worth trading at the Exchange. His tone was casual, but she could hear a hint of strain in his voice.

Octavia didnt always get enough to eat at the care center, so I had to find a way to get extra ration points. The admission pulled Clarke from her own thoughts. Her heart ached at the idea of a younger, slighter version of the boy in front of her, alone in a dark, cavernous storage area.

Bellamy, she started, searching for the right words, then cut herself off as she caught sight of something glinting from the shadowy depths behind the trees. She knew she should keep moving; they couldnt afford to lose any more time. Yet something about the way it shimmered brought Clarke to a stop. There was something on the ground, scattered among the roots of a large tree. Clarke bent down for a closer look and saw that it was metal.

She inhaled sharply and reached out to run her finger along one of the long, twisted pieces. What could it have been part of? And how had it ended up here, in the middle of the woods? Bellamy shouted. Where did you go? Im over here, she called back. You need to see this. Bellamy materialized soundlessly next to her.

Whats going on? He was breathing heavily, and there was an edge to his voice. You cant just take off like that. We need to stick together. Clarke picked up a piece of metal and held it in the moonlight.

How could this have survived the Cataclysm? Bellamy shifted from one foot to the other. No clue, he said. Now can we keep moving? I dont want to lose the trail. Clarke was about to set the strange artifact back on the ground when she noticed two familiar letters carved into the metal.

Trillion Galactic. Oh my god, she murmured. It came from the Colony. Bellamy crouched down next to her. It must be part of the dropship, right? I dont think so. Theres no way this is wreck- age from the crash. At least, not our crash. Clarke felt suddenly disoriented, as if trying to discern between a memory and a dream.

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There are more pieces scat- tered around. Maybe theyll be something thatll She cut herself off with a cry as a jolt of pain shot through her right arm. Bellamys arm was around her, but she couldnt look at him. Her eyes were fixed on something on the ground.

Something long, dark, thin, and wriggling. She tried to point the creature out to Bellamy, but found that she couldnt move. Whats wrong? Clarke opened her mouth, but no sound came out.

Her chest was beginning to tighten. Her arm was on fire. Oh, shit, she heard Bellamy say. She couldnt see him anymore. The world around her had begun to spin. Stars and sky and trees and leaves swirled in the darkness. The searing heat that had been shooting up her arm faded away.

Everything was fading. She fell back against Bellamy, then felt herself being lifted into the air.

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She was weightless, just like shed been in the lake. Just like her parents were now. Clarke, stay with me, Bellamy called to her from some- where very far away. The darkness was rushing around her, wrapping her legs and arms in stars. And then there was only silence. He smiled as she pushed herself into a sitting position and let her long legs spill over the side of the couch. Glass wasnt sure whether the lack of oxygen was making her drowsy, or whether she was just tired from staying up most of the night.

Lying in bed with Luke, the last thing she wanted to do was sleep. They didnt know how much time they had left, so every moment was pre- cious. She and Luke had spent the last few nights wrapped in each others arms: Luke spoke lightly, but they both knew the gravity of what he was propos ing.

Ever since the skybridge between the ships had closed, the chaos on Walden had reached a fever pitch. The Waldenites desperate attempts to find and hoard food had turned violent. Armed with a meager handful of protein packets, Glass and Luke had barred themselves inside Lukes tiny flat, doing their best to ignore the sounds echoing from the corridors the angry shouts of neighbors fighting over supplies, the frantic cries of mothers searching for lost children, the ragged wheezes of those strug- gling to breathe the increasingly thin air.

Its okay, Glass said. We have enough for a few days, and after that She cut herself off, looking away.

Youre really too good at keeping calm under pressure. Its a little scary. You should have been a guard. He tapped his finger under her chin. Im serious, he said in response to her look of skepticism.

Ive always thought women make the best guards. Its a shame girls on Phoenix never really consider it. Glass smiled inwardly, imagining her best friend Wellss surprise if shed shown up to the first day of officer train- ing. While he probably wouldve been too shocked to speak at first, she was sure hed have supported her.

Before she met Luke, Wells was the one person whod always treated her seriously, who believed she had talents beyond flirting and styling her hair. The word alone was enough to make her nauseated as she imagined stepping into weightlessness.

Luke cleared his throat. You know they dont let just any- one spacewalk, he said with mock grandiosity. Luke was part of the elite corps of guards who were also trained as engineers, responsible for making crucialand dangerous repairs to the ship. She would never forget how terrified she had felt a few weeks ago, when shed watched Luke go out- side the ship to examine a malfunctioning airlock.

For twenty heart-racing minutes, a thin cord had been all that kept him from being lost in the emptiness of space. The cord, and Glasss fervent prayers. Not to mention, you wouldve looked pretty cute in the uniform. Want me to try on yours, to see? Glass asked innocently. He grinned. Maybe later. But as soon as the words left his mouth, his face fell.

They both knew there wasnt going to be a later. Glass jumped to her feet and tossed her long hair over her shoulder. Come on, she said, grabbing Lukes hand. I have an idea for dinner. You managed to decide between two-day-old protein paste and three-day-old protein paste? Im serious.

Lets make it special. Earthmade relics were rare on Walden, but Lukes family had held on to two beautiful plates an ancestor had carried onto the ship. Luke hesitated for a fraction of a second, then rose to his feet. That sounds like a nice idea. Ill go get them.

He squeezed Glasss hand before disappearing into his room, where he kept the valuable relics hidden away. Glass went into the tiny bathroom and looked at herself in the sliver of scratched mirror above the sink.

In the past, shed found the lack of grooming space endlessly frustrating, but now she was grateful not to know what she looked like after three days in the same clothes. She finger-combed her hair and washed her face with the tepid water. She didnt think shed taken very long, but when she stepped back into the living space, Glass found the flat transformed.

The flickering lights near the table werent flashbeamsthey were candles. Where did you get those? Glass asked in surprise, padding over for a closer look. There werent many candles left anywhere on the Colony, let alone on Walden. I was saving them for a special occasion, Luke said, com- ing out of his room.

As Glasss eyes adjusted to the darkness, her breath caught in her chest. Luke had changed into dark pants and what seemed to be a matching jacket. Could it be a real suit? They rarely appeared in the Exchange. Even the men on Phoenix had trouble tracking them down. Shed seen him casual and laughing in his civilian clothes, playing catch with the little kids in his cor- ridor. In the suit, he looked as confident as soldier-Luke, but he held himself differently. More relaxed.

Im underdressed, Glass said, tugging at the sleeve of her slightly dingy shirt. Luke tilted his head to the side and surveyed her for a long moment.

You look perfect. There was a note of admiration in his voice that made Glass grateful for the candles, for the flickering light that obscured her old clothes and her sudden blush. She took a few steps forward and ran her finger along Lukes sleeve. Where did you get this? It was Carters, actually. The name made Glass snatch her hand away, as if shed been burned.

Luke asked. Yes, fine, Glass said quickly. I was just surprised. Carter never struck me as a suit guy. Carter was an older boy whod taken Luke in after his mother diedout of charity, hed claimed, but Glass had always suspected it was for the extra ration points.

He was lazy, manipulative, and danger- ous, and had once tried to assault Glass when she was waiting in their flat. Luke shrugged. He wasnt. He was short on points one month, so I bought the suit from him. It was pretty generous of him, actually.

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He couldve gotten a lot more at the Exchange. No, he couldnt have, Glass thought. Because he wouldve been arrested for selling stolen goods. But then she felt a pang of guilt. Carter had been a scumbag, but now he was dead executed for a crime he hadnt committed.

And it was Glasss fault. Last year, Glass had made the terrifying discovery that she was pregnanta violation of the Colonys rigid popula- tion control law that was punishable by Confinement for minors Desperate to keep Luke safe, Glass had done her best to hide her condition. But when her pregnancy was discovered, shed been arrested and forced to name the father. Glass knew that if she told the truth, nineteen-year-old Luke would be put to death. So, in a moment of panic, she gave the name of a man who made her skin crawl, a man she knew would be arrested sooner or later, anyway: Luke didnt know what Glass had done.

No one on Walden had any idea why Carter had been dragged away in the middle of the night. Should we eat? Glass asked weakly, desperate to change the subject. Luke placed the two plates on the table with a clink. Dinner is served. There was laughably little protein paste, but Glass noticed that Luke had given her a far larger serving.

The upside to the meager portions was that they allowed Glass to admire the scenes painted on the platesone depicted a couple in front of the Eiffel Tower, while the other showed the same couple walking a dog in a park. Luke didnt know the story behind the relics, but Glass liked to imagine that a real couple had bought the plates on their honeymoon, and then brought them up to the Colony as keepsakes.

Is it strange to dress up to eat protein paste? Luke asked as he scooped some up with his spoon. For a while, Wells was obsessed with this book about a famous boat crash. Apparently, everyone put on their best clothes and then listened to music while the ship was going down.

Glass was proud to know this little fact about Earth his- tory, but instead of looking impressed, Luke winced. You shouldve stayed on Phoenix, he said softly. Although Walden and Arcadia had been abandoned by the Councilleft to die as their oxygen supplies dwindledPhoenix, the central ship, still had oxygen reserves.

Glass had fled the safety of her home ship to come be with Luke on Walden. Do you think Camille made it across? Luke asked as he used his spoon to trace a pattern in the protein paste. Glass suppressed a wince of her own. When shed arrived on Walden, Lukes ex-girlfriend Camille had demanded Glass show her how shed snuck from ship to ship.

And when Glass had hesitated, knowing that the guards would likely shoot a Waldenite trespassing on Phoenix now that the skybridge had been closed, Camille had whispered the most terrifying threat Glass could imagine: If Glass didnt help her, Camille would tell Luke about Carter. Glass had no idea how the other girl discovered her secret, but she hadnt wasted time trying to find out as she hurried Camille to the secret air vent that connected Walden to Phoenix.

I hope so, Glass said in answer to Lukes question, turn- ing away to avoid meeting his eye. Its not too late for you, Luke said carefully. He had begged Glass to return with Camille, but she refused. You could climb through the vent and Glasss spoon fell from her hand onto her plate.

No, she said, a little more sharply than shed meant. Luke sighed. Okay, how about this? He took a breath to speak, but then he caught Glasss eye and let out a sputtering laugh. Glass asked. Whats so funny?

You were scowling at me. Glass sat up straighter. Well, Im upset. Im not sure why you find it so amusing. Because Im sure it was the exact expression you used to make when you were a little kid and didnt get your way.

Luke, come on. Im trying to be serious. So am I, he said, rising from his chair.

Come here. He took her hand and pulled her to her feet. What if you go across through the vent and just look around? If it doesnt seem like the guards are patrolling Phoenix, you can come back and let me know. Glass paused for a moment to scan Lukes face, trying to make sure he meant what he said.

That it wasnt a ploy to get her to retreat to the safety of Phoenix and then shut the air vent for good, so she couldnt come back. And then youll go over with me? Luke nodded. If there arent guards near where the vent lets out, we can try to make it back to your flat without being spotted. And then His voice trailed off. Glass took his other hand and gave it a squeeze.The chances of this girl trying to embarrass him were far greater than the odds of her having a piece of magical fabric hidden in her pocket.

Now she was being given a second chance at a life. The Last Star. The three boys were carrying armfuls of wood, while Lila had a few branches tucked under her arm. Itd been all too easy for Graham to convince them that Wells had been sent to spy for his father.

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